Transparency in the fertility industry

DCPData is an easy-to-use, customizable dashboard for every Donor-Conceived Person and Recipient Parent to find and connect with genetic family around the world, and have a fuller picture of genetic health information.

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A better flow of information

You deserve accurate, up-to-date medical information and more information about your genetic family.

Find your genetic parent.
Through our partnered genealogists, DNAngels, we can help you find your parents' donor.
Keep health information in one place.
Stop scrolling through your threads to find that one piece of health information, keep those threads clear of the heavy health stuff.
Protect your identity.
Share as little as your first name and last initial with siblings, vet new sibling pod members before they can see your data, participating donors can never see your info.
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Take control of your data

Navigate the donor-conceived experience with confidence

You choose what to share.
Upload minimal information or build a full health and identity profile. Opt in to share only what you feel comfortable sharing.
Get notified of new important information.
Get updated when a new donor sibling joins DCPData and/or when relevant medical information is added by genetic family.
Find and connect with genetic relatives.
With as little as the donor's name and home country, or their donor number and bank/clinic, get automatically placed into a DCPData "sibling pod" on signup.
Interact with your sibling pod (or don't).
Post or lurk on your pod's forum, share health information, and/or message people in your pod directly. Information uploaded to DCPData is only shared with your sibling pod.
Support policy advancement.
Opt in to receive surveys, your answers to which help advance donor conception policy in your country.
Save money over alternatives.
Don't pay an arm and a leg for such important information.
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“This is the platform the donor-conceived community needs to shine light on and reverse the harmful practices of the largely unregulated fertility industry.”

Laura High
Donor-Conceived Person, Influencer, Advocate

Less than one tenth the cost of alternatives

Accessible pricing

We are a nonprofit organization a majority-queer, majority-DCP board of directors.


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$9.99 per year for each DCP

  • Access to sibling pod member profiles
  • Unlimited messages to sibling pod members
  • Sibling pod forum for group communication
  • Visualized sibling pod health information
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with directory of mental health supports specializing in donor conception
  • Option to have our genetic detectives help find donor(s) on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • Email notifications when new health information is posted, new donor siblings join, and more
  • Opt in to surveys to help your voice be heard by policymakers in your country and around the world
  • One full year of access to everything DCPData has to offer
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10 Years

$79.99 per decade for each DCP

$8USD per year for each DCP - charged every 10 years

  • All the same features as Yearly
  • Ten years of guaranteed membership. Set it and forget it.
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  • Tax-deductible in the US
  • Support transparency in the fertility industry
  • Help DCPData advance donor conception policy
  • Speed up the development of new features for you and your sibling pod
  • Empower our genetic detectives to help more donor-conceived people find their (parents') donors
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Frequently asked questions

How does DCPData work?

You enter your name and email, information about the donor(s), then minimal information of the donor-conceived person you represent - name, birth month and year, birth country/state, and assigned sex at birth. DCPData places you into a sibling pod with other genetic siblings (and their families if you're a Recipient Parent with young children). Each pod has up-to-date health information posted by participating siblings and donors, a forum for communicating and posting pictures to the group, a list of siblings with their own profiles, unlimited direct messaging, and more, all without needing to share more than your first name and last initial with the others in your pod. When you join DCPData you can also opt in to receive surveys - your answers to which help advance donor-conceived rights.

Who is my information shared with?

Information you upload is never shared with anyone outside of your sibling pod, which means if you're a donor-conceived person only your donor-conceived siblings on the platform will see the information. If you're a recipient parent, other recipient parents who chose the same donor will be the only ones who can see what you post. All data except for first name and last initial is optional to share, which means we don't share anything with your sibling pod without your consent. Your optional answers to optional surveys (never your identifying information) will be shared with advocacy groups for the sole purpose of advancing donor-conceived rights, should you choose to complete the surveys (did we mention these surveys are optional?).

What identifying information does my sibling pod see?

You are only required to share your first name and last initial with your sibling pod - we believe anonymity is never the best practice in donor conception - but you can optionally share your birth country, birth state/province, birth year, and your assigned sex at birth, as well as your pronouns and whatever additional information - things like your socials or a few fun facts about yourself - on your profile for other pod members to see, should you choose to share this information. Participating donors cannot see any of your information at all.

What if I don't know anything about the donor?

You can still sign up! When you do, you can opt in to be added to our Genetic Detective Queue. Our genetic detectives will help those in the queue find their genetic parent or donor on a first come first serve basis. You will need to be on or be willing to join in order to benefit from this service, as is the main tool of our partnered genealogists, DNAngels

What if there are no other donor siblings on DCPData yet?

You will be the first member of your DCPData sibling pod and will become one of your pod admins. You can opt in to be notified by email when a new donor sibling joins - new members are joining everyday - and in the meantime, you can fill out surveys that help show policymakers donor-conceived people and their families want, need, and demand more genetic information.

Who will see my health information?

All health information that is posted by genetic siblings or their family is only visible to those in their sibling pod on the DCPData dashboard. Participating donors can never see any information at all besides their own.

What are some of the ways my data is protected?

Your data is protected by state-of-the-art cyber security built in 2024, including industry standards like email verification, optional two-factor authenticaion, and data encryption. Within this secure, GDPR- and CCPA-compliant protection, each sibling pod has their own administrators who control whether a new sibling is able to view and post user data. Not even your profile pictures can be seen by new sibling pod members until your pod admin approves the new members. To ensure further safety, minimal information is needed to join DCPData and even less is shown to your sibling pod - only first names and last initials are ever displayed on the DCPData platform, never full names, and DCPData never asks for physical addresses or full birthdates, so all of your identifying information is safe unless you choose to share it via direct messaging, the sibling pod forum, or on your profile page. The DCPData team has gone to extreme lengths to prioritize the protection of your data and identity, and it shows from the very first screen after signup.

I'm donor-conceived. Will my parent(s) be able to post on the forum of my sibling pod and see the information me and my donor-conceived siblings post?

As of now, if recipient parents and their donor-conceived children join the platform, the parents and children will have separate forums and health information that the other cannot see - one for parents and one for donor-conceived people. As the community grows we may give pods the option to merge if that's something our users request. We intend for donor-conceived children to have the option to take over administration of each account when they turn 18.

How is this different than commercial DNA testing sites?

On the DCPData platform, users provide health information to fill in the gaps for your sibling pod. Instead of just seeing likelihoods of certain health issues like on commercial DNA testing sites, you see how many people in your sibling pod report certain health issues - whether active medical diagnoses from a medical doctor, dormant genetic predispositions discovered on a separate genetic testing service, mental health diagnoses, or general health information - so you can see the numbers of how your sibling pod's health really is and can take the relevant information to your doctor. For each piece of health information reported by your sibling pod, you can confirm whether or not you also have it, share age of onset if it's a medical diagnosis, and even comment on the medical information so there's a dialog around each.

Do I have to message donor siblings on this platform (only)?

No! We encourage you to connect (or not connect) in whatever way works for you. We think - or rather, we know, because we built this platform with Donor-Conceived People and Recipient Parents at every step of the way - that you'll benefit from our easy-to-use dashboard where you can see health information and more. If you choose to connect with your donor siblings via email or another form of communication we fully support your doing whatever serves your mental and physical health!

What if I need mental health support?

If at any point you're feeling overwhelmed you can click the "I need emotional support" button at the bottom of the DCPData menu and see a list of mental health resources, including mental health professionals, support groups, crisis hotlines, and more, many specializing in helping donor-conceived people and their families. See our list of educational resources, too, and reach out to us if we should add more to these lists!

What makes you different than other platforms that serve the donor-conceived community?

DCPData is for everyone - its pricing is super affordable, you don't need to know anything about the donor to benefit from our services, and our platform is designed to get the most people on it so Donor-Conceived People and Recipient Parents get the most value. This is a living, breathing solution with new features added regularly based on what you tell us you need, and is an all-in-one solution to keep ongoing tabs on your genetic family as it grows. We believe donor-conceived people and their parents should have the benefits of transparency and accurate, up-to-date medical and other important information *from birth*, so this tool can be used by parents with young children, too!

Is DCPData only for those in the US?

No! Anybody can use it and benefit from DCPData. If your country has its own registry, we encourage you to leverage every resource you have, but from those registries you are likely only getting the genetic information collected in your country, and this information is not generally updated throughout the life of the donor-conceived person(s). DCPData can offer a more robust picture of how your donor-conceived genetics are manifesting in the real world, and can be particularly valuable to those in countries who import gametes from the US. These individuals have not historically had access to their American donor siblings' health (or any type of) information. Even getting the *donor's* health information is just one piece of data, and it is often from a single point in time when the donor was young and healthy, and can too often be full of inaccuracies. What if you could access many more datapoints from today and beyond? What if it was easy and affordable to do so?

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Our Founder

  • Dylan Stone-Miller headshot

    Dylan "Donor Dylan" Stone-Miller

    Founding Executive Director, CTO

    From PEOPLE Magazine: "Back in 2020, just minutes into his new job at a software engineering firm in Atlanta, Dylan Stone-Miller read a direct message on Instagram that left him stunned. A woman who had conceived a daughter with the sperm he first donated to a sperm bank nine years earlier while attending college had managed to track him down —and wanted to thank him."

    Since then, Dylan has become a known donor to a sibling pod of now 46 children and their families, traveling the world to meet them. With 97 reported biological children via sperm donation, he is deeply aware of the many, many ways in which the current practices of the multi-billion dollar fertility industry harm the children and families they help create. After years of immersion in the donor-conceived community, Dylan decided to put his skills as a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur and Y-Combinator software engineer towards building DCPData.

    "If we can gather big data on what the fertility industry as it currently stands is really doing - regularly creating unreasonably large sibling pods, withholding crucial health information from donor-conceived people, often misleading their customers while completely disregarding the people they create - then we can show this data to policymakers around the world, who will then be incentivized to require the industry to practice with the needs of the donor-conceived people and their parents at the forefront. DCPData accomplishes this while giving our users access to critical genetic information, genetic relatives, and mental healthcare providers who specialize in donor conception." - Dylan Stone-Miller

Board of Directors

We are not affiliated with any other groups. All board members serve in their personal capacity.

  • Board member headshot

    Laura High (she/her)

    President, Donor-Conceived Person, Advocate, Member of the LGBTQ Community

  • Board member headshot

    Jana Rupnow (she/her)

    Treasurer, Adoptee, Adoptive Parent, Mental Health Professional, Founder of IDCAD

  • Board member headshot

    Romina Slossberg (she/her)

    Board Member, LGBTQ Recipient Parent

  • Board member headshot

    Jessica Jackson (she/her)

    Board Member, LGBTQ Recipient Parent

  • Board member headshot

    Rachel Schiff (they/them)

    Board Member, Double Donor-Conceived Person, Advocate, Member of the LGBTQ+ community

  • Board member headshot

    Lindsay Harris (she/her)

    Board Member, LGBTQ Recipient Parent, Donor-Conceived Person, Mental Health Professional